Community Gathering - Thursday 12/4 at 7

Community -

The next Great Banquet Community Gathering will be a week from Thursday, December 4th at 7pm, where we are going to be having a Christmas wrapping party. We are asking the Banquet Community to be the hands and feet of Jesus this Christmas season, by assisting in providing Christmas gifts for some of the families of Trinity.


You will find below a list of the names of the children, their ages and grade level, along with suggestions for possible gifts for each child. Please be sure the gifts you purchase are at Trinity by December 3rd. You may drop them off at Trinity any time before December 4th.


If you have any questions, please contact Pamela Cole (317) 413-0417. Thank you in advance for your kindness!


Grade Age Sex Name Ideas for gifts
1 6 Girl Khalia Barbies; anything from Frozen; Sofia
Pre K 4 Girl Karma Barbies; anything from Frozen; Sofia
1 6 Girl Ardie Monster High; sofia the 1st, sloths 6x or 7; Puzzles; movies. Twin sheets
7 12 Girl Nevada  Make up (eyeliner,powder, Lip gloss, Gift Cards, head bands, earrings, Music (color purple)
1 7 Boy Elzea Anything for a boy 7 years old
4 10 Girl Latanya Anything for a girl 10 years old
8 14 Girl Tracy  Anything for a girl 14 years old
2 8 Boy Gabriel  Sport Jerseys (Bears, Cubs, Bulls); sports basketball, soccer; gift card
7 12 Girl Melanie  Hair ribbons clothes, movies; Gift card
    Girl Cassandra Sport Jerseys (Bears, Cubs, Bulls); sports basketball, soccer; gift card
    Girl Baby infant outfits
2 8 Girl Taliyah  Anything for a girl 8 years old
7 13 Girl Lecianna  Anything for a girl 13 years old
3 9 Boy Dominic Pants & Tops size 8 (school clothes). Gift card, 
4 10 Girl Alivia  Barbie; craft; jewerly girlie Girl stuff; gift card
7 13 Girl Alanis make up, Books (Teenage Romance); Craft; Jewerly
4 10 Girl Tanllrah Anything for a girl 10 years old
5 11 Girl Te'Qynce Anything for a girl 11 years old
5 11 Boy Jared Anything for a boy 11 years old
6 12 Girl Maria Anything for a girl 12 years old
8 13 Girl Destinee Basket ballshirt; Boots 7 (Womans); Science stuff; Lego; Books; Gift Card to book store
2 8 Girl Abbigail Winter Boots 2; Make up; Hair ribbons; girlie girl stuff; gift card
5 10 Girl Leal  Shirt & Pants 12-14 (School outfit); Winter Boots 2; Make up; Gift Card