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8540 East 16th Street                             
Indianapolis, IN 46219                           

The Trinity Great Banquet is a three-day experience of renewal, learning and sharing in the atmosphere of a Christian community.  It is a different experience for each individual.  It does not provide a climate for the solution of deep-seated problems, but is designed to help mature people to work toward a Christian way of life with community support. 

Husband and wife are invited as a couple, although they attend separately; usually, the husband first.  Each person must submit a separate application.  Married couples are requested to turn in both applications at the same time, if possible.

This form is an application and its submittal does not guarantee acceptance. You may be placed on a waiting list since we only have a certain number of spaces available. Early applicants will be notified by email or letter approximately 30 days prior to the event with details on how to confirm registration.

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