TGB Community Gathering***REMINDER***

Debbie and I have agreed to lead the April 24 TGB Reunion night.  What I want to do is fill the house.  And so, if you are the person with the communication list and skills, I want to get an invitation out early and often!  J  The theme we are working on is “Music and Memories”.  The plan is to again get people into small groups and have them reminisce about their weekend when they were a guest.  We plan to use some slides to help them put some of the highlights of each day on a screen just to suggest some activities of each day.  Then, after a few minutes of discussion among themselves, we will pass a microphone around to get some of the results of the discussions.  After each “daily discussion”, we will use music videos to get people up and rejoicing, then move on to the next day.


I apologize if this sounds a bit confusing, but it makes sense in our minds.

Come join us this Thursday, April 24th at 7pm!!!!!!


 Dave Wietfeldt