TGB Dates and other news

COMMUNITY GATHERING:  Thursday Jan 24th at 7pm.  This will be a communion service hosted by one of our board members.  Feel free to bring a light snack to share afterwards.

TEAM DEDICATION:  Thursday Feb 21st, at 7pm.  THIS IS A DATE CHANGE!!!  Please mark your calendars now! 

GUESTS:  We currently have 9 men and 10 women registered.  The list will be posted on the website very soon.  Please direct your guests to fill out the online registration form at 

PRAYER CHARTS:  We are having some technical difficulties with getting the prayer chart up and running.  Please bear with us.  You will have the opportunity to sign the physical chart at all TGB functions. 

WEEKEND DATES:  Mens - Feb 28 - Mar 3.  Womens - Mar 7 - 10

More info will be coming out soon on how YOU can help!!