Kairos Outside of Central Indiana is approaching its 7th weekend, to take place April 25-27. Of course, we welcome the support of our 4th day communities to serve as Angels. I've included a sign up sheet at the bottom of this email with time slots for different tasks throughout the weekend.You can also just email me at hmsteinmetz@gmail.com or call at (317) 403-4070 with the times you are available!
If you are available to provide transportation for our guests, this is particularly what I'm needing helping hands for at this point! Whether you could drive folks to the weekend, back home, or both, it would be a great help if you're available! On Friday, the guests would need to arrive by 6 pm at Sonrise (6720 Ridgeview Dr, Anderson, IN 46013). On Sunday, you want want to arrive at Sonrise by around 2 pm. If you're able, I would greatly appreciate the help.
Of course, we always welcome folks throughout the weekend to volunteer. Please just let me know if your schedule allows you to lend any time to our KO weekend! I've attached the Angel form and descriptions if you need any more info.
Please note that KOCI #7 also has a fundraising page for any who wishes to support the ministry financially. To donate, or share with friends and loved ones, visit www.youcaring.com/koci.
Thank you all for your time, and don't hesitate to reach out to me with any additional questions!

Hillary Steinmetz

(317) 403-4070