Southport Awakening #26 and #27

Southport Awakening #26 and's time to invite guests, and to mark your calendar to you don't miss out!!

Gals weekend is November 7-9, 2014, with Darcy Burton serving as lay director

Guys weekend is November 21-23, 2014 - with Dan Badger serving as lay director

You're welcome to:

Sponsor a friend:
applications are at: 

Prayer charts have open spots - Just go to the following spots to sign up:
Girls prayer chart
Guys prayer chart

Donate agape (50 for bed agape and not more than 80 for table agape)

Serve meals:

Sendoff begins with pizza buffet on Friday at 11 am, and then dinner is a car hop at 6 pm
-Saturday's breakfast is at 7:50 am, lunch is at 12:40 pm (jungle), and dinner is at 6:30 (black and white)
-Sunday meals are at 7:30 am, with lunch at 11:45 am

Join us for send-off and for closing:

Sendoff is at 11 am on Friday and closing is at 3:30 pm on Sunday - both weekends, are in Worship Center at Southport Presbyterian Church.

Finally - join us Saturday for:

7:15 pm Saturday is Concert of Praise in the Worship Center
8:30 pm Saturday is Community Worship Service
10pm on Saturday is Candlelight

Most importantly, begin to pray now about who to invite - and then extend an invitation - your friends will be glad you did!

We hope to see you there! De Colores!