Bauer Family:
Tony Bauer (son of Chris & Wendy Bauer) had surgery last night to remove his appendix.  With luck, he'll be able to go home Sunday afternoon.  Please prayer for quick healing, as well as calmness and patience during the healing for the whole family.  

Carol Erdmann:
Carol (mother of Suzanne Denecke) was recently diagnosed with Stage I of an aggressive form of breast cancer.  This Wednesday she will be going for some testing to determine whether treatment will begin with chemo or radiation.  Please keep physical energy and strength, both for Carol and for her family as they battle this disease together. 

Ahlbrand Family:
Shirley Ahlbrand (mother of Brian Ahlbrand who is married to Stacey) fell and broke her humerus today.  She will be having surgery tonight at Methodist.  Please pray for an easy surgery, quick recovery and healing, and for strength, energy and patience while healing for Shirley and the family.