Happy New Year Trinity Great Banquet Community!!! Welcome to 2015!

Happy New Year Trinity Great Banquet Community!!!   Welcome to 2015! 
To get the year off to a great start, we have lots of news to share, so even if this is your 100th Banquet, please take the time to review all the information.  Thank you for your patience!

January 22nd at 7:00pm is our monthly Community Gathering at Trinity Lutheran Church.  We will also be having our Team Dedication for the upcoming Great Banquet weekends!  Everyone is encouraged to come help us pray over each member of the team.  In addition, this is the time to get help with your Agape!  Bring the supplies to make an Agape and let the many hands of Christ assist you while you fellowship with friends.  (If you have any ideas for future Gatherings, we’d love to hear about them!)

Men’s weekend is Feb 26th - Mar 1st.  Lay Director is David Jones
Women’s weekend is Mar 5th - Mar 8th.  Lay Director is Ashton Searcy

Every single one of us is part of these two teams, whether you’re spending it on the “inside” or the “outside”.  This is OUR ministry, yours and mine.  We get out of it what we put into it.  As such, every set of hands and feet are needed to help the weekend run, starting with….

It’s your turn to invite someone to the Banquet!  Whether we skipped your way into our building or left claw marks on the doorway, each of us got some spiritual tools to take with us.  Now is the time for you to bless someone else with that same opportunity.  It’s not up to you to get them to say “yes” but rather to invite and leave the results up to God.  To register, have them go to our website (see below) and click on REGISTRATION to fill out the online form.  No money is due from them, but make sure they have your name, phone# and email for the form.  After registering, they will be contacted by the Registrar regarding details.  You, as their sponsor, will also be contacted regarding your duties.  A list your duties can also be found under COMMUNITY > SPONSOR INFO. 

Each person that is a part of this ministry needs your prayers.  We ask that each of you picks at least one 30 minute timeslot to stop and take time to pray.  Whether it’s over the list of TEAM & GUESTS found on the website, over the facilities (like keeping the water heater and furnace functioning), or just prayers in general for all that’s happening on that particular weekend.  The link to the online prayer chart can be found under COMMUNITY > PRAYER CHART.  It’s in the process of being set up, so please check back if you don’t see Trinity Great Banquet listed.  But feel free to sign up on some of the other charts as well.  There is no such thing as too much prayer!

Speaking of Agape, remember all the fun toys, candy with verses attached, bookmarks, etc?  This is your chance to play at crafts AND show the love of Christ to others.  It doesn’t have to fancy or even handmade.  If you are unsure of what to make, show up at the Gathering and our Agape teams will be happy to provide you with a sample to duplicate 60 times!  Yes, I said 60, for each type of Agape per weekend. 

Each weekend has a setup time, a tear down time and lots of times in between.  Each piece of the weekend hinges on the others.  No single activity is better or ickier than any other part.  Please check out the online schedule to see when you can come help scrub toilets, wash dishes, serve meals, run errands, etc.  Also remember, that when you come to serve a meal, you are to help with setup, cleanup and teardown, but you are not there to eat. 

Without food, this weekend would not be called the Great Banquet.  Bring something for Sendoff (arrive by 6pm if possible) so that all the folks coming straight from work can eat and be able to focus.  Bring snacks & drinks for the Snack Table.  Definitely bring something substantial for Saturday lunch (arrive by 10am if possible).  If you bring a container that you want to be returned, it needs to have your name on it.  All containers will be set out Sunday afternoon during closing. 

I know this was a lot of stuff to read, but we are kicking off a new year and renewing our commitment to this ministry and to each other.  Join us as we step out in faith to allow God to work in bigger and better ways!


Website:  http://trinitygreatbanquet.org
Password:  decolores   (Some parts are password protected to hide the surprises!)