Greetings TGB Community!!!

Greetings TGB Community!!!

In 18 days, our next set of weekends will be here and your support is urgently needed. 

Men’s weekend is Feb 26th - Mar 1st. Lay Director is David Jones
Women’s weekend is Mar 5th - Mar 8th. Lay Director is Ashton Searcy

Every single one of us is part of the team, whether you’re spending it on the “inside” or the “outside”. As such, every set of hands and feet are needed to help the weekend run, starting with….

There is still plenty of room for your guests!  Please continue to invite those whom God has laid on your heart.  To register, have them go to to fill out the online form. There is also a downloadable form you can use.  After registering, they will be contacted by the Registrar regarding details. You, as their sponsor, will also be contacted regarding your duties.   There are currently 29 Men and 16 Women registered, but not all are confirmed so be sure to check out the list online to make sure your guest is “good to go.” 

The online prayer charts are ready and waiting for you to sign up at (just scroll down to find Trinity).  As of right now, there are 123 OPEN spots for the Men’s weekend and 132 OPEN spots for the Women’s weekend.  Please sign up for at least one 30 minute timeslot to stop and take time to pray. Whether it’s over those attending the weekend, for the families of those attending, or just prayers in general for the weekend. There is no such thing as too much prayer!

The Agape teams of both weekends could certainly use some gifts of love to hand out during the weekend.  It doesn’t have to fancy or even handmade. It just needs to be duplicated 60 times per weekend. Not sure what to do, ASK!  Or look in your own stash of Agape for ideas. 

Each weekend has a setup time, a tear down time and lots of times in between Each piece of the weekend hinges on the others. No single activity is better or ickier than any other part. Please see when you can come help whether it’s to run errands, wash dishes, scrub toilets, serve meals, etc. Also a quick reminder that when you come to serve a meal, you are helping with setup and cleanup, but your meal is not provided.  

Starting with Sendoff on Thursday (arrive by 6pm if possible), we need to show love through food for all the folks coming straight from work.  Additionally, please bring snacks & drinks for the conference room. Definitely bring something substantial for Saturday lunch (arrive by 10am if possible). ***REMINDER: If you are dropping off food, #1 – Please let the Agape or Kitchen team know what it is and where you put it.  #2 - Please make sure that it is clearly marked for TGB & what event it is for.  #3 - Be sure to include any prep instructions if you are leaving it.  #4 - If you bring a container that you want to be returned, it needs to have your name on it. All containers not picked up will be set out Sunday afternoon in the commons.



Password: decolores (Some parts are password protected to hide the surprises!)