TGB March Community Meeting, 3/26 @ 7:00

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. 


We just wrapped up another round of incredible, fantastic, and Spirit-filled banquets (TGB 49 and 50) and boy did God show up in a big way.  We were blessed with a large number of guests for both weekends and the Agape Love that poured out from the Banquet Community was outstanding!  It is clear that God is still very much at work in our Banquet ministry.




The next opportunity for us to fellowship together will be our March Community Meeting, 3/26 @ 7:00.  This meeting will be a banquet in and of itself.  We’ll be sharing a meal in the form of a potluck, much like our Saturday lunch.  Please bring one or two of your favorite dishes to share as we welcome those who are just joining the community.  Drinks, plates and silverware will be provided.




Please also be sure to invite others that you maybe have not seen in a while. A personal invite goes a long way.  Let’s do all we can to make sure our banquet table is full. 


“Come, for everything is now ready!” Luke 14:17



Scot Freeman


TGB # 27