TGB#53 is there!!!

Greetings TGB LOVE TEAM (that's you!)
Tomorrow night kicks off TGB#53 Men’s Weekend with Lay Director is Kirk Hunter!!! The following week is TGB #54 Women’s Weekend with Lay Director Nicole Mueller.
Tonight is Setup beginning at 7:00pm, but come early and attend the Lenten service. Please show up to help move tables, blow up air mattresses, clean bathrooms, and prep packets.
There are still 38 OPEN spots for the Men’s weekend and 81 OPEN spots for the Women’s weekend. There is no such thing as too much prayer!
There are currently 28 Men and 25 Women registered, so there is still plenty of room! KEEP ASKING!! Please continue to invite those whom God has laid on your heart. to fill out the online form.
LOVE TEAM provides the food for Sendoff, lunch on Saturday and the conference room snack table. ***REMINDER: If you are dropping off food:
• Please let the Agape or Kitchen team know what it is and where you put it.
• Please make sure that it is clearly marked for TGB & what event it is for.
• Be sure to include any prep instructions if you are leaving it.
• If you bring a container that you want to be returned, it needs to have your name on it. All containers not picked up will be on a table in the commons Sunday afternoon.
For a full list of times for the weekend, go to Please help run errands, wash dishes, scrub toilets, serve meals (meal not provided for servers), etc.
Password: decolores (Some parts are password protected to hide the surprises!)