TGB #55 & #56 are almost here!!!

TGB #55 & #56 are almost here!!!
July 14-17 – Men’s TGB #55 with Matt Mielke as Lay Director
July 21-24 – Women’s TGB# 56 with Carla Hunter as Lay Director.
Come and be a part of the LOVE TEAM, which is a vital part of the Great Banquet Ministry. The LOVE TEAM shows up and helps wherever assistance is needed, both before/during/after the weekends. Everyone is on the LOVE TEAM and here's what YOU can do to help:
Please sign up for 30 minute time slots to pray over our guests and our teams, plus their families. Pray for our facilities, the weather, and the LOVE TEAM. There are over 67 spots open for the Men’s weekend and 88 spots open for the Women’s weekend. There is no such thing as too much prayer!
There are approx. 20 Men and 25 Women currently registered per weekend, AND THERE IS STILL ROOM! Please continue to invite those whom God has laid on your heart. They can fill out the registration online
As the LOVE TEAM, we need to show God’s love in some physical ways, with Agape, Letters and of course food.
***Agape – those table & bed gifts like you received. They could be Scripture attached to bookmarks, toys, candy, etc. Please make 60 pieces of Agape for each weekend.
***Letters – letters to the guests to express God’s love through fellowship and friendship.
***Food – The LOVE TEAM provides the food for Sendoff, lunch on Saturday and the conference room snack table.
We will be prepping for the weekends at 6:00pm on Wed July 13th (Men’s) and Wed July 20th (Women’s). We will show up to help clean bathrooms, blow up air mattresses, collate packets, set up the conference room, etc.
Each weekend has a setup time, a tear down time and lots of times in between. Please help run errands, wash dishes, scrub toilets, serve meals (meals not provided for servers), etc.
For more details and a full schedule, check out our website at:
Password: decolores (Some parts are password protected to hide the surprises!)