Women's TGB#56 - Updates

Last weekend the Men had an awesome weekend. Let’s show the Women our support as well. Please remember that each part of the weekend needs our hands and feet, not just the fun parts on Sat evening.
*** NEW = dinner for LOVE TEAM on Sat after concert (see EVENTS) ***
Here is a breakdown of what the LOVE TEAM (that’s YOU!) does all weekend long.
• Send-off - Thurs @ 7:00 pm – help carry luggage, bring food for the table, meet & greet.
• Sponsor’s Hour - Thurs @ 8:00 pm – pray over crosses for each guest and over names of team. Finish filling out the prayer chart.
• If the LOVE TEAM isn’t there, Agape and Kitchen teams must serve before they can eat. Show up early to let them sit down and relax. **Meals not provided for servers.
• Friday = breakfast - 8:00 am, lunch - 1:00 pm, dinner - 5:30 pm
• Saturday = breakfast - 7:30 am, lunch - 12:00 pm, dinner - 5:30 pm
• Sunday = breakfast - 7:45am, lunch - 12:30 pm
• wash dishes, take out trash
• clean bathrooms, vacuum
• run errands for needs of the guests
• Agape and Kitchen teams are constantly on their feet, so show up and ask where they need the help.
• Provide appetizers for the Sendoff table (this is a Great Banquet!)
• Provide lunch for after Dying Moments (due by 10am Sat so Kitchen can fully participate in Talk/Dying Moments)
• Provide stuff for the snack table, water bottles.
• Set up tables for meals – decorations, tableware, etc. (see meal schedule)
• Set up Cross table Sat @ 2:00 pm – come and learn how to configure the table, and set the table with gifts, dishes, etc. Many hands are needed!!
• Set up sanctuary for concert Sat @ 6pm
• Tear down Sun @ 6:30am - take down mattresses, put sleeping rooms back to normal for church.
• Tear down Sun @ 3pm – tear down conference room while guests reading letters (tables, poster supplies, banners, snack table, etc.)
• Tear down Sun @ 6pm – finish restoring church to normal working conditions, cleanup sanctuary from Closing (tissues, posters, songbooks, communion elements)
• Praise Concert @ 7:00 pm – come lend your voice or just clap along and enjoy the music.
• ***NEW!!!! DINNER FOR LOVE TEAM – join us for pizza, salad and fellowship after the concert and then stick around for….
• Prayer & Communion @ 8:30 pm = pray over each name of the guests and team, request letters, and any other announcements. You can pray silently or out loud.
• Candlelight @ 10:00 pm = hold a candle and how God’s love to the guests.
• Closing – Come fellowship and hear the guests answer those 2 questions: What did this weekend mean to you? What are you going to do about it?
• Hand-write letters to guests sharing Scripture or encouragement in their faith journey. Put them in the Big Red Box located by the windows in the commons.
• Provide pieces of Agape. Can be as simple as a toy or piece of candy with a verse
For more details and a full schedule, check out our website at: http://trinitygreatbanquet.org
Password: decolores (Some parts are password protected to hide the surprises!)