Welcome new members of Trinity Great Banquet!!

Welcome new members of Trinity Great Banquet!!

You have just been part of a Great Banquet weekend that impacted you in many ways.  While you continue to absorb the insights you received as a guest or team member, below are some opportunities for you to consider.  You can also peruse the website for information (Keep reading for the details) 

4th DAY

This Tuesday night at 7:00pm you are invited to attend your 4th Day meeting.  This is your chance to reconnect with the people that you met during the weekend, share what has happened since you left, and determine your next steps.  This is also your opportunity to form or join a Reunion Group as was discussed during your weekend.   This is also an opportunity to hear about putting your name in the hat to be considered for the next weekend.


Our next set of weekends will be over the summer, but you are encouraged to sign up on other communities for their prayer chart.  Remember the 144 names of people that were praying for you BY NAME during your weekend?  Now you can be one of those names for people around the world.     


The LOVE Team is the Community acting as the hands and feet of Christ to work behind the scenes helping the teams during each weekend.  MANY people are needed to perform all of the activities listed on our website.  To be an integral member of the LOVE team for either or both weekends, please contact: Scot Freeman: ph# (317) 354-5448 email: scot.freeman@hotmail.com  April Freeman: ph# (317) 501-3906 email: april.freeman@hotmail.com


You are now part of the TGB Community.  We rely heavily on the email for our communication.  Due to the timeliness of some messages as well as the aggressive email filters, we also use Facebook to send out duplicate messages.   We will be sending you an invitation to "friend" on Facebook.  Once you have accepted, you will be added a closed & private group.  FYI - all messages sent out from the TGB News FB page are closed and cannot be seen by anyone not on the TGB list.  


Finally, you have been added to our Trinity Great Banquet website.  You received some basic information in the packet you were handed Sunday afternoon.  Most information is found under the COMMUNITY tab.  Some pages are password protected to help keep some of our surprises. 

Community Website: http://trinitygreatbanquet.org  Password:  decolores